What are we?

The Bikery is Victoria's only kosher bakery, specializing in pretzels, bagels, challah, pita, and other baked goods. We operate on a pickup and delivery model to get these delicious offerings to our customers, wherever they may be. Not only is our kitchen 100% electric powered, but all deliveries are made by a combination of bicycle and EV car. Order below and check us out for yourself!

The Bikery's Beginnings

The Bikery began in 2017 as an applicant of the Mobile Bike Vending Permit pilot project. It was simple enough: rent commercial kitchen space, bake pretzels, then pack them into a bike and sell them on the streets of Victoria. Three years later during the COVID-19 pandemic, however, the owner decided to ramp up production and start baking large quantities of various breads such as challah and baguettes, delivering them door-to-door by bike. In doing so, he got to learn all about the different communities of Victoria; specifically the Jewish community!


Did you know that there are no certified kosher bakeries on Vancouver Island? It’s true! Before now, kosher households in Victoria would have to bake all of their bread from scratch, or order frozen from Vancouver. Who has the time? So with a little tinkering, and a lot of help from the various communities of Victoria, The Bikery became the islands first environmentally-focused kosher bakery. Because everyone should have access to quality baked goods, regardless of religious or dietary guidelines.

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