Please be advised: While The Bikery will be continuing to offer free delivery on all orders, I do require a $20 minimum order for any deliveries outside of Victoria/Esquimalt/View Royal/Oak Bay/Saanich. Thank you for your understanding in this difficult time!

Deliveries in Victoria, BC

Are you a Victoria citizen or local business looking for quick lunch items or baked good staples? Wholesale retail items? Or maybe you've just got a craving for a unique sweet and savory treat. If you check any or all of these boxes, then I'd say The Bikery might just be for you!

Because this bakery operates with no storefront of my own, that means I can guarantee your baked goods come straight out of the oven and directly to your door! Fresh and tasty, that's my guarantee. 

Give it a try today! Operating hours are Wednesday - Sunday, 10am - 3pm. Orders must be placed the previous day or earlier to be accepted, simply leave a note when checking out stating an ideal time for delivery and any other information I should know! 

See you on the road real soon. 🥨🚴

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