Where are you located?

The Bikery is located at the Victoria Public Market (1701 Douglas St) on the East-facing side of the building.

What are your Hours of Operation?

Monday - Friday: 9am - 5pm

Saturday: 10am - 5pm

Is there a minimum order?

Yes, please be advised that there is a minimum $10 order for deliveries, and that free delivery is always included!

What is your delivery radius?

5km from our storefront location.

** Temporarily, our delivery radius has been expanded to 15km. If you're having issues placing your order within that distance, please contact us either via email or on our social media. **

The Bikery 6km Delivery Radius


What is Kosher baking?

The Bikery follows the standards of Pareve,  A Jewish Kosher Food Category defined as "Any food that is not meat or dairy, including fish, eggs, and plant-based foods."
So while there are some menu items that contain eggs and/or honey, the majority of our menu is considered Vegan as well!