Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you located?

As a Mobile Business, my locations vary by scheduled stops, deliveries and impromptu street calls. Once a weekly or monthly scheduled stop is established, however, I make it my priority to maintain consistency of appearance.

During my Off-Season (October-April) I operate on a strictly delivery-based system. All orders placed on my website will be delivered within 24 hours(Or whichever date you specify.
During my Spring/Summer Season (May-September) I will be out on the streets of Victoria in addition to deliveries. Currently you may find me at the following locations weekly:

  • Capital Park(525 Superior St) Tuesday - Thursday 12pm-1pm
  • BC Asessment(3350 Douglas St) Thursday 10:30am-11:30am
  • Victoria Inner Harbour(812 Wharf Street) 1pm - Sold Out

I am always accepting new locations to set up weekly/monthly stops so if you want to set one up, head to my Contact page and lets talk shop!

Where can you go?

Due to the nature of the Mobile Bike Vending Permit, which gives me the freedom of mobility, I can transverse all of the Greater Victoria area. This includes everywhere from Fernwood to Esquimalt, from James/Oak Bay to Uptown. The only licensing limitations are:

  • I cannot enter non city-owned tourist sites such as Beacon Hill Park or Ogden Point Breakwater.
  • I am limited from using the Galloping Goose Trail.
  • I cannot be asked to set up near a business selling a similar product(I.E. Pretzels) as well as the license states I am required to stay 30m away from schools. (Special permission may be obtained in the case of a special event or school function)

Do you only sell pretzels?

Not at all! While I do primarily specialize in pretzels, I have since expanded to breads and pasta. You can find the full menu here.

Are your pretzels Gluten Free/Vegan?

Not quite, I use with a slightly adapted German Recipe(From my German father) which uses flour and butter. That being said, I have currently opted to use Olive Oil for the Roasted Garlic & Rosemary pretzel, which does make it vegan!
Gluten Free, however, is TBA.