In Store Breakfast and Lunch Menu

Breakfast and Lunch Menu: Our Sandwiches: The Veggie Sandwich is $12.00. It includes pickles, carrots, lettuce, and sprouts on Rye. It is spread with vegan cream cheese and our in house chipolte aioli. The "Make it your own" is $12.00 where you have your choice of bread, one protein, and up to four toppings. It is $.50 for each additional topping. It is $1.00 more for additional proteins. It is $2.00 to add lox. Our breads include our sandwich loaves in either white or whole wheat, our Danish Sourdough Rye, or any of our bagels (ask for flavours). Our proteins include Daiya cheddar cheese, daiya plain cream cheese, our house made vegan herb and garlic cream cheese or egg. Our toppings include avocado, capers, carrots, cucumber, lettuce, onions, peppers, sprouts, tomatoes, chipolte aioli, or garlic aioli. All sandwhiches over $10.00 come with a side of chips and your choice of aioli dip. You can sub a cookie for $2.00. As a note, all our cheese is vegan. There is no dairy, chicken, or red meat on the premises.
The Bikery Breakfast and Lunch Menu: Our Bagel options: Toasted with Margarine is $3.50, Toasted with cream cheese is $5.00. The egg and cheese is $8.00. The ALT (Avocado Lettuce, and Tomato with cream cheese) is $12.00. The classic is made with Lox, Capers, Pickled onions and cream cheese is $13.00. Our beverages include shatterbo medium roast drip coffee. Our 8 oz cup is $2.50 and our 16 oz is $3.25. We also have orange pekoe tea. One bag (8 oz) is $1.75. Two bags (16 oz) is $2.00. Our milk options include almond, oat, and coconut